Hire Original Fuzz Creative and get access to the design and technical team that built Original Fuzz, a leading digital-native, direct-to-consumer brand.


Design & development for a mobile-first world.

Since 2006—a lifetime in internet years—we have been operating on the bleeding-edge of web design, development, and online marketing.

By hiring Original Fuzz Creative, you’re not only gaining access to a team of top-notch designers and developers, you’re putting seasoned entrepreneurs on the case.

We won’t sell you on a solution unless we’re confident that it’s the best way to solve your problem. The right solution is often simple and doesn’t always involve hiring folks like us.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Full-stack web development

  • Responsive design

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Test Driven Development

  • Modern Javascript frameworks

  • Content Strategy

  • Practical business acumen

  • Extensive e-Commerce experience

  • Shopify development


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